Gloss & Bead Kit

$150.70 $130.95

Make your paintwork shine brighter than a diamond and starting beading for a fraction of a ceramic coat.

An effective concoction of chemicals designed to help you keep your gloss and shine for years while you achieve hydrophobic properties that make every clean easier. Not to mention looking fantastic every time it rains.

Use our lanolin-infused Gloss Wash Shampoo to enhance your paintwork's gloss and allow it to cure for 6 hours to increase beading effects. Our highly rated Shield Spray is an incredibly easy to use, a wet-applied spray-on polymer-based hydrophobic protective sealant that provides long-lasting, instant water beading the moment it's applied. Our Signature Spray Wax is a bubble-gum scented spray-on wax that is easy to apply and has the finishing touch to transform your paint into a smooth gliding texture.


Gloss Wash Shampoo

  • Lanolin-infused
  • Cures 6 hours after application
  • Enhances gloss and increases hydrophobicity

Signature Spray Wax

  • Bubble-gum scented
  • Spray-on, spray-off
  • Leaves a smooth to touch finish

Shield Spray

  • pH neutral and biodegradable
  • Si02-based polymer
  • Increases paintwork gloss
  • Enhances ceramic coating
  • Instant beading and months of protection
  • Wet-applied
  • Spray-on, spray-off


  • 500ml Gloss Wash Shampoo
  • 500ml Signature Spray Wax
  • 500ml Shield Spray
  • Twister Towel
  • Snowcloud Soft Microfibre Wash Mitt
  • 3x Microfibre Towels
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Gloss & Bead Kit
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