Grease Decreaser Kit

$152.65 $132.95

For the nastiest stains and spots, you'd hate to leave on your car.

Equip yourself with our best grease removers and tools to get the job done. From a citrus-based degreasing all-purpose cleaner (Orange), a pH neutral iron remover (Purple), and a tar remover strong enough to lift asphalt (Tar Remover).

A perfect addition to your automotive care lineup and an essential kit for the extra filthy few who don't mind using their cars, bikes, and trucks through every terrain. Start your washing process by getting the worst off with our top-rated chemicals and beloved accessories.



  • Citrus-based Degreaser
  • Dilutable for mild soil stains
  • Use neat as a heavy-duty degreaser


  • pH Neutral iron remover
  • Safe to use on paintwork

Tar Remover

  • Melts tar and asphalt
  • Use for bugs, wheels, arches, car decal removals, exhaust tips, and more


  • 500ml Orange
  • 500ml Purple
  • 500ml Tar Remover
  • Plush Brush
  • Red Bristle Brush
  • Snowcloud Soft Microfibre Wash Mitt
  • 3x Microfibre Towels
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Grease Decreaser Kit
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