$447.80 $219.95


- ELECTRIC - Lithium Ion Battery Powered Foam Sprayer

- NO PUMPING - Charge it, Fill It, Foam it!

- 1.8L TANK - Ready for cleaning jobs of all sizes

- VERSATILE - Use it for your car, wheels, boat, home or garden

- 12 MONTH WARRANTY - Australian support for any issues


Gone are the days of tiresomely pumping away at your manual pump sprayer only to get a few good squirts out of it. 

At Snow Foam, we're all about easy, effective cleaning and we're bringing car care into 2022 with the Snow Foam E-FOAMER. 

An all-electric, foam and mist sprayer capable of producing a thick, luxurious blanket of foam, at the simple press of a button.

Easy, electric and exciting, the E-FOAMER holds 1800ml and can be diluted with a variety of your favourite cleaning products. Dilute with 50mL of Snow Foam Berry Thick Detergent and 1750mL of water and still retain a thick consistency of foam, making the E-FOAMER extremely efficient. 

Great for skipping out on the setup of garden hoses, pressure washers and power cords, use it at home, in the garage or at work. It's perfect for apartment living where access to power and water is scarce and can be taken with you on the road with no hassle.  The E-FOAMER is undoubtedly a versatile machine and perfect for cleaning anywhere you go, anytime of the day. 

With endless possibilities, the E-FOAMER brings:

  • Large 1.8L Tank - Great for diluting your favourite cleaning solutions
  • Transparent strip with volume measurement markings
  • Spray Trigger Locking for continuous spraying
  • Pressure Release Valve
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery with water-sealed charging port 
  • Durable HDPE bottle and copper motor
  • Compliant with Australian Safety Standards



Brand: Snow Foam

Weight: 1.15kg

Volume: 1800mL

Charging Time: 9V: 2 Hours - 5V: 5.5ours 

Usage Time : 60 Mins

Max Working Pressure: 2.5 Bar

Ambient Operation Temp: 5 °C - 40 °C




Let's Get E-Foaming 

  1. Charge it up using the provided USB charger into a 9V or 5V charger

  2. Attached the included gasket into the Foam Sprayer and screw onto the E-FOAMER head

  3. Fill the E-FOAMER up with your favourite cleaning solution

  4.  Attach the detergent pick up tube to the E-FOAMER head and screw the head onto the bottle
    For Foam Spraying, insert the foaming insert at the top of the detergent pickup tube.
    For Mist Spraying, remove the foaming insert.

  5. Turn the E-FOAMER on and wait for the E-FOAMER to fully pressurise itself (~30 seconds)

  6. Spray your desired area of cleaning

    A quick switch over to the nozzle sprayer and you can spray a fine mist of your favourite cleaning products - ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE PUMP ACTION!


1. Snow Foam E-FOAMER

+ Foam Nozzle and Foaming Inlet
+ Mist Nozzle
+ 2 Gaskets
+ USB Charging Cable
+ Measuring Cup
2. Snow Foam Detergent of your choice
3. Snow Foam Twister Towel
4. Snow Foam Wash Mitt
5. 1 Year Warranty 

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