Snow Foam Lance Essential Package

$369.80 $139.95

It's never been more fun and effective to clean your car than covering it with layers of thick foam to break up dirt and soot with our Snow Foam Lance.

Designed to fit most pressure washers with our adaptors, complete with brass internals and a water-valve controller, couple with our formulated Snow Foam Detergent - this is our best solution to combating everything your car goes through. Use as a prewash technique every wash by letting it dwell for up to 10 minutes. Reducing swirl marks from dislodging contaminants that otherwise cling onto paint and wrap panels. If you stay clean regularly, you can use the Snow Foam Lance as a no-bucket method by applying our Snow Cloud Wash Mitt while the foam covers your car.

  • Full customer support
  • 2-year warranty
  • 100% Australian made chemicals

Kit includes a Snow Foam Lance, 1x Snow Foam Detergent, 1x Waffle Weave Towel, and 1x Snowcloud Wash Mitt.

Not sure on the adaptor?

Check out the adaptor guide for details

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