Salt Cleanse Gun Starter Package

$314.90 $109.95
Package :

Garden Hose + Snow Foam Gun + Salt Cleanse is all you need to rid salt deposits from your boat, jet ski, trailers and 4WD after a fun day out on the water.

Salt deposits cover your prized possessions with unwanted white staining after a day out on the water. These salt deposits are unattractive, unwanted and unsightly and must be properly maintained to ensure you avoid shortening the life of your boat, jet ski, trailers and even your 4WD from rust, corrosion, staining and material weakness. 

The high-grade surfactants in Salt Cleanse work to break up the bonded salt, to assist in rinsing the salt off your watercraft. 

Simply apply 50mL of Salt Cleanse with water into your Snow Foam applicator and allow the solution to dissolve the salt build up for up to a minute before rinsing. For stubborn salts, you can dilute up to 100mL of Salt Cleanse and agitate the surface with a wash mitt. 

  • Apply in shade, on cool surfaces
  • Foam, Dwell & Rinse. Follow up with a contact wash for stubborn staining.
  • pH Neutral - Won't strip waxes, sealants or protectants
  • Safe for all marine, car & 4WD surfaces

Directions of Use:

  1. Dilute 50mL of  Salt Cleanse with 850/950mL in your Snow Foam Gun/Lance.
  2. Spray your watercraft from bottom up
  3. Let it sit for 30 - 60 seconds
  4. Rinse & Dry
  5. Repeat with agitation for stubborn stains
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