Snow Foam Detergent

$259.90 $17.95

Snow Foam Detergent is Australian, pH neutral and effective. As a highly-concentrated detergent, you'll only need 100mL detergent to 900mL water, for thick foam using your Snow Foam Lance.

For your Snow Foam Gun, Snow Foam Detergent will create a wet foam also capable of providing the lubricant needed to safely wash your car as safely as possible.

The Snow Foam Detergent together with the Snow Foam Lance or Gun will ensure you have a safe, fast and fun car wash by breaking down dirt, grease and grime and dripping contaminants to the ground.

  • pH neutral detergent
    won't strip quality waxes, ceramic coating or protection
  • Highly concentrated
    solution needs only 100mL detergent diluted with warm water
  • 1L Snow Foam should see between 20-30 layers of foam on a standard car
  • Thick foam with Snow Foam Lance
  • Can be used as regular car wash with wash mitt
  • Australian Made Formula

Tip: Ensure you wash in the shade and only use the Twister Drying Towel when the car is completely cleaned. Snow Foam Detergent also available in packages with Guns & Lances.

Liquids Storage Note: Store in a cool & dry place. Bottles may leak and liquids may degrade in direct sunlight or heat.

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