Snow Foam Gun Ceramic Care Package

$462.65 $220.95

You have your paint ceramic coated, but do you have the tools to maintain it?

We've selected our best products into a ceramic-focused package to help you maintain and extend the effectiveness of your new ceramic coat. You have spent the investment to protect your vehicle, and now it is time to protect your investment. From Snow Foam pre-washing essentials to pH-neutral chemicals that are safe and enhance ceramic properties, to washing accessories that don't harm the coating or your paint.


Snow Foam

  • pH Neutral foaming concentrate
  • Gives an instant gloss shine
  • Essential for reducing swirl marks and micro-scratches


  • pH Neutral iron remover
  • Safe to use on paintwork

Shield Spray

  • pH neutral and biodegradable
  • Si02-based polymer
  • Increases paintwork gloss
  • Enhances ceramic coating
  • Instant beading and months of protection
  • Wet-applied
  • Spray-on, spray-off

Signature Spray Wax

  • Bubble-gum scented
  • Spray-on, spray-off
  • Leaves a smooth to touch finish


  • Snow Foam Gun
  • Snow Foam Detergent
  • 500ml Purple
  • 500ml Shield Spray
  • 500ml Signature Spray Wax
  • Twister Towel
  • Snowcloud Soft Microfibre Wash Mitt
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