Snow Foam Hybrid Drying Towel

$214.75 $42.95


Our largest, fluffiest, most absorbent drying towel has arrived. 

Dedicated to bringing the best car care products from start to finish. We ventured out to bring you the next best drying towel in the market. Rivaled only by the Twister, the Hybrid Drying Towel is its bigger, softer brother.

  • Speed
    To minimize effort & maximize effectivenessin reducing dried water spots.
    Dry Your Car In Minutes (if not Seconds)
  • High-Quality Materials
    Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water.
    Ultra Soft Twist Fibres - One of the strongest types on the market
    Plush Microfibres - Extra absorption for collecting water
  • Size That Counts
    To cover a large surface area thus reducing effort.
    Size: 73x90cm

  • Reusability
    Reduce waste, save time and money with the thickest towel.
    900gsm double-layered

  • Affordability
    To not break the bank in order to keep your car in pristine condition.
    Buy once, use longer than any other towel.


  • Made with the Highest Quality Korean Blended Microfibres
  • New technology hybrid weave
  • Super Soft suede edge to prevent scratches
  • Massive 73cm x 90cm – dry your car in minutes
  • Super Absorbent, Lint Free
  • Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water
  • Quickly draws water away from the surface and traps it in the fibers.
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