Snow Foam Lance Shield Package

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Wash Safely, Protect Greatly.

This niche kit has been specially made for car enthusiasts who are after a safe washing method with the added protection for a longer lasting clean.

The Snow Foam Lance Shield Package includes our best sellers:

- Snow Foam Lance
- Snow Foam Detergent
- Twister Towel
- Wash Mitt
- Snow Foam Shield Concentrate OR Snow Foam Shield Spray

Thick pH neutral foam drips off the dirt and grime prior to a full wash process for the safest car washing practice possible.

To top it off, our new Snow Foam Shield range allows you to easily and effortless increase the protection on your paint. The formulation gives you the desired water beading surface to repel dirt and water off your vehicle as much as possible. By creating a hydrophobic layer in your paint, you can achieve a cleaner car for longer.

Mix the Snow Foaming process with a hydrophobic protection that is easy to apply and lasts 2-3 months.

The Snow Foam Lance Shield Package is perfect whether you want to have full ceramic coating but aren't ready to financially commit or you already do have ceramic coating and want to maintain your paint's hydrophobicity.

Snow Foam Shield

Select the Shield that suits you:

Shield Concentrate - Applied by Snow Foam Lance - 125mL to 875mL water

Shield Spray - Applied by spray bottle - Spray and wipe surface after rinsing.

Not sure on the adaptor?

Check out the adaptor guide for details