The Quick Draw - Short Trigger Gun & OG+ Lance Kit

$239.85 $204.95

Go above and beyond the fight against dirt and grime with the Quick Draw. Our most loved Snow Foam Lance equipped with the Short Trigger Gun for easy, effortless Snow Foaming this weekend.

Short Trigger Gun

    • Ergonomic, Comfortable Handle
      Shorter wand for more control and accuracy with minimal trigger resistance makes it easier on the hands
    • Quick Connect Female Fitting
      Compatible with a variety of accessories including the Snow Foam Lance & 5 Nozzle Sprayers along with the Underbody Cleaner
    • Great for tight spaces
      Removes the extended trigger handle
    • 5 Nozzle Kit Included
  • Select between 0, 15, 25, 40, 65 spraying angles

OG + Lance

  • Stands without tipping over
    Wide mouth bottle with stable base
  • Electroplated Finish with Clear Bottle
    Where function means form, see exactly how much solution you have remaining
  • Weighted Detergent Suction Tube
    Get the last bit of detergent even when angled
  • Installed with 1.1mm Inlet with 1.25mm inlet included
    Thick foam with pressure washers from 1600psi up to 5000psi

Simply select the pressure washer model you have and we'll provide you with an adaptor for your Short Trigger Gun. We will provide a 1/4 Inch Quick Connect adaptor with your Snow Foam Lance.

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The Quick Draw - Short Trigger Gun & OG+ Lance Kit
Karcher K / No Detergent - $204.95
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